/MF58 Temp Measurement NTC Thermistor
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Project Description

▋ Applications

  • Temperature control and examination of household electrical appliance (such as air-condition, microwave oven, induction cooker, toaster fanner, electric heating and so on ).
  • Temperature examination and compensation of the automatic work facilities ( such as copycat, printer and so on).
  • Temperature compensation of loops of instrument, integrate circuit, quartz crystal monofier and thermocouple.

▋ Specification

MF58: Model

502: Rated Resistance 502 = 5KΩ

F: Allowable tolerance of resistance F:±1% G:±2% H:±3% J:±5% k:±10%

3650: B Value = 3650K

E: Allowable tolerance of B value E:±0.5% F:±1%

▋ Dimensions(mm)

▋ Main Technical Parameters

Rated zero power resistance value range (R25): 0.1 – 3780KΩ

R25 allowable deviation: ±1%, ±2%, ±3%, ±5%, ±10%

B value range: 3100 – 4500K

B value allowable tolerance:±0.5%, ±1%

Dissipation coefficient: ≥2mW/℃ (still air)

Thermal time constant: ≤20S (still air)

Range of operating temperature: -55℃ ~ +250℃

Rated power: ≤50mW